We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and secure place to enjoy sports betting. As such, we are certified and accredited by the major parties in terms of encryption, firewall protection, account protection and verification protocols. 

All financial transactions are secured using state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL digital encryption technology, indicated by the page's padlock icon. 

To prevent fraudulent credit card use, all card transactions are verified via secure line or secure FTP (file transfer protocol). We do not share sensitive information nor do we request any during the verification process. Any discrepancies found during the verification process will result in automatic suspension of the associated account until the matter is resolved. 

The website is secured via firewall for added protection and our 'auto time-out' feature automatically logs you out after periods of inactivity, with both measures aimed at protecting your account against unauthorized access. 

Fairness & RNG Testing Methods 

We ensure that all games and software are put through rigorous tests before releasing them for customers to access. In addition, each of the software suppliers who provide us with games will conduct their own extensive testing including playing through the games millions of times before any game is made available on the website. 

We use a range of highly sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) devices that create random outcomes for each game. Whatever the customer has bet on or the amount they have staked has no influence on the number the RNG arrives at. 

The RNGs are accredited by a range of independent testing companies that complete a range of tests to ensure the RNG is completely random .