Responsible Gaming


We’re committed to providing our customers with the very best in sports betting entertainment. Sports betting and gaming can be a fun and enjoyable experience and we work hard to make sure it stays that way. As such, we take the matter of responsible gaming very seriously and recommend our customers do the same to ensure a positive experience every time and prevent any possible issues arising before they have the chance to become a problem. 

If you think you may have gambling issues, consider the following questions: 

Have you ever missed work, school, college or other responsibilities in order to gamble? 

Do you gamble as a way out from boredom or unhappiness? If you lost money gambling, how would you feel? Would it make you want to gamble more? 

Have you ever gambled money set aside for bills, rent, food, etc.? 

Do you feel any guilt over the amount of time you spend gambling? Has anyone ever mentioned the time you spend gambling? Would you consider stealing, lying or selling to obtain gambling money? 

Do you feel out of control regarding much you spend on gambling? Would you be upset if you had to spend it on other things or activities? Do you choose to gamble instead of spending time with friends or family? If you lose, do you feel an immediate need to win back your losses? Does stress make you want to gamble more? Is gambling making you unhappy? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may have gambling issues – we recommend that you visit or 

Deposit Limits 

This facility allows you to manage the amount of money that you can deposit into your account. Deposit limits may be set for the following periods: 

Daily – calculated on a 24-hour basis 

Weekly – calculated on a 7-day basis 

Monthly – calculated on a 30-day basis At your request, deposit limits may be decreased, increased or removed entirely. Any update of deposit limits will come into effect immediately and can be requested once a day. You can set or adjust the limit settings by contacting Customer Service. 


 If you feel that your gambling has become problematic, you have the ability to self-exclude yourself by contacting Customer Support and requesting a self-exclusion period be applied to your account. The following Self-Exclusion periods are available: 

1 week 

2 weeks 

1 month 

3 months 

6 months 

We will endeavour to apply your self-exclusion as soon as practically possible, however, please note that this process takes a reasonable working period to implement. We will not consider the self-exclusion period as having commenced until it has been fully implemented and communicated to you. If after this you find that you can still access any of our services, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to inform us. Any unsettled bets with us at the time that you enter into self-exclusion will be settled on the result of the event. If your bet is a winner, your winnings will be automatically withdrawn to your applicable credit/debit card or other financial account from which the funds were deposited. Please note that upon your selected self-exclusion period expiring, your account will be automatically re-activated. It is possible to revoke Self-exclusion upon written request (and thereafter only after 24 hours has elapsed from the submitted written request), and we will always do all it can to detect and close any new duplicate accounts that you may open. Once the self-exclusion is applied, you will also no longer receive any further marketing materials from us. 

Protection of Minors 

In line with our ‘over 18s only’ policy, here are some steps you can take to protect minors and prevent them from accessing any of our websites or associated information: 

Do not leave your account logged in and unattended 

Do not share your username, password, card details or sensitive data with anyone 

Do not use the “Remember Me” feature if you access any of our websites from a shared computer, especially if you share your computer with children. 

Untick the ‘save password’ option 

Use separate computer profiles for yourself and minors 

Use child protection software such as Net Nanny or CYBERsitter to filter internet content 

If you become aware of any underage user registered at any of our websites, please bring it to our attention immediately by emailing us at [email protected] 


Sunstar Impact (“SINV”) operates according to a variety of rules to ensure a safe and fair online sports betting experience for everyone. Please ensure you read and understand these rules: Terms and Conditions Betting Rules You must be at least 18 years of age to register an account with SINV. It is a criminal offense for those underages to bet on this site. Customers will be asked to verify that they are 18 or over by providing requested documentation. Account holders are responsible for the confidentiality of their account details. Once a bet has been placed, it cannot be changed. 

Privacy Policy 

SINV uses your personal details for the processing of bets, management of your account, providing services and carrying out research. We are the sole owners of the information you provide us, and we do not share your details with any other third party. Please contact us if you wish to view or change your personal details. 

Use of Cookies 

SINV site uses cookies in line with our privacy policy to enhance your sports betting experience. We do not monitor individual customer activity, nor do we disclose customer details. Version 1.2 Last updated: 05 January 2021.